Asus ROG THOR 1000P2 80 Plus

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Buy 1600W Modular Power Supply @ Best Price in Qatar. ROG-THOR-1600T-GAMING power supply with ROG heatsinks, digitl power controller, 135MM PWM FAN.

Your gaming experience will be more comfortable and enjoyable due to the Asus ROG THOR 1000P2 80 in the Qatar.

You might also be interested in learning what a gamer's genuine comfort zone is. The ROG Thor 1000W Platinum's second generation, which is back with a vengeance, now uses upgraded cooling and componentry to become the class's quietest power supply.
The ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II uses low-ESR Japanese capacitors to ensure efficient operation. ROG heatsinks have two times the volume of conventional designs, allowing for lower temperatures, extended 0dB operation, and component lifespan extensions. With the help of these modifications, an 80 PLUS Platinum certification can be obtained, which ensures 89% efficiency at 100% load and 92% efficiency at 50% load. Less heat is produced as a result of the higher efficiency, and reliability is improved.

Asus ROG THOR 1000P2 80 Plus Features

It offers you the outstanding features that were created to alter the gaming period.
Using outstanding characteristics The volume of ROG heatsinks is 2x that of conventional models.
  • The most recent Thor is confirmed to use terrifying power in the most covert manner by Lambda A++ Certification.
  • Critical components are covered by ROG heatsinks, which result in lower temperatures and quieter operation.
  • A 135mm Axial-tech fan with PWM control reduces noise and controls temperatures.
  • Built with high-quality parts to meet 80 Plus Platinum Certification, including low-ESR capacitors.
  • Real-time power draw monitoring is done through OLED displays.
  • The ability to personalize and synchronize lighting effects with other compatible gear thanks to Aura Sync.
  • ROG heatsinks are 2x bigger than conventional models.
  • vDeveloped to offer superb support over your entire back.
If you're still searching for genuine seated comfort, you can find it all right here.

Still developing without acquiring or upgrading to the newest processors? ASUS has made the Core 1000P2 80 Plus available to you.

It could even have an impact on your passion for gaming if you don't have the time to play with the speed and performance you deserve. However, that predicament is now over with. Tuning your system for optimum performance and efficiency is simple because of the built-in OLED panel. Your problems have the ideal remedy, which is you.
The ROG Strix 1000W Gold PSU gives powerful gaming setups exceptional cooling performance. Lower noise and controlled thermals are provided via a 135mm Axial-Tech fan with PWM control. Less heat is produced as a result of the higher efficiency, and reliability is improved.

Asus ROG THOR 1000P2 80 Plus Gallery

Your PC performs superbly because of its exceptional 850W Platinum power.
Aura Sync, an OLED display, and the best connection with lightning-fast data transfer speeds make the ROG Thor 850W Platinum Power Supply Unit stand out.

Asus ROG THOR 1000P2 80 Plus Specs

Stunning in offering the greatest experience, Superb in performance, and Excellent in features.
A 16-pin PCIe connection that can deliver up to 600W of power to PCIe Gen 5.0 graphics cards is included with each ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II power supply. Prepare for the electricity delivery of the future.
Dimensions 190 x 150 x 86 mm
Efficiency 80Plus Platinum
Protection Features OPP/OVP/UVP/SCP/OCP/OTP
Hazardous Materials ROHS
AC Input Range 100-240Vac
Thermal Features ROG Thermal Solution
DC Output Voltage 3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5Vsb
Maximum Load 25A 25A 83A 0.3A 3A
Combined Load
125W 125W 996W 3.6W 15W
Total Output 1000W
Connectors MB 24/20-pin x 1
CPU 4+4-pin x 2
PCI-E 12-pin x 1
PCI-E 6+2-pin x 8
SATA x 12
Package Contents Power Cord x 1
Motherboard Power Cable x 1
CPU Cable x 2
12-pin PCI-E Cable x 1
PCI-E Cable 1-to-1 x 4
PCI-E Cable 1-to-2 x 2
SATA Cable 1-to-4 x 3
Peripheral 1-to-3 x 2
Addressable RGB cable x1
ROG sticker x 1
ROG cable tie x 6
Sleeved Cable Combs (6-pin) x 4
Sleeved Cable Combs (8-pin) x 10
Sleeved Cable Combs (24-pin) x 2
Chassis Screws Package x 1
Cable Tie x 12
User Manual x 1
2.37 KG
0dB Fan Button Yes

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Make judgments quickly and be fortunate to change with the times.

Your every need is only a mouse click away. With 0dB Technology, you may play light video games in a quiet environment.

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The ROG-THOR still has a lot to be discovered. Some of the information is intended for you.
What is a ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II in Qatar?
The quietest power supply unit in its class is the ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II.
How does an Axial-tech fan with PWM control work?
This works on Lower noise and controlled thermals are provided with a PWM-controlled 135mm Axial-Tech fan.
What does magnetic logo do?
A magnetic logo and stickers that allow you to customize the visible side's appearance let you do so.
What are Rog heatsinks design Qatar?
In comparison to conventional designs, ROG heat sinks have two times the volume, allowing for lower temperatures, increased component longevity, and extended 0dB operation.
How much is the best price of the Asus ROG THOR 1000P2 80 Plus in Qatar?
EMI Starts from 111.375 QAR/m 12 Months or 1336.5 QAR.

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